More than digital.

xScience is the answer of Bip Group to our clients’ questions on their future

xScience is a hub that provides professional and managed services, solutions to large complex organizations ready to close the gap created by the exponential evolution of technology and business models.

Those organizations have to compete with a new breed of firms that are organized to create highly scalable value and that have extended the concept of the enterprise using more than digital technologies and organizational solutions which are evolving at exponential pace.

Future Scenarios

Collaborative Engineering
Design Thinking
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Acceleration
Exponential Organizations
Platform Modeling
Black Ops
Exponential Technologies
Start Up Scouting



More Than Digital Technology

Mobile / IOT 
Artificial Intelligence 
Machine Learning 
Robotics HW/SW 
Virtual Reality
Neuro Sciences 

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xScience is a hub where the stack of high talented Bip digital factories work together on unique client solutions that can be deployed in all the territories where Bip Group is present as one the largest and most innovative European professional services firms.

  • 350 professionals
  • 24ml revenues
  • +30 active clients
  • +100 active projects

The 4th Industrial Revolution Dilemmas for Business

As a bank,

I want to conceive services that uses Artificial Intelligence and Rob-Advisors to maximize profits for my private clients while preserving the human touch of my financial advisors.

As an Energy or a Telecom Company,

I want to exploit the data flood coming from my infrastructure to create
new services.

As a Broadcasting Company,

I want to understand who could be my worst future competitor in the video content market. To do so I create the TV of the future using a black ops approach.

How xScience fills the Gap

Large complex organizations are facing a shortage of available competences in the near term; we positioned xScience to fill this shortage, creating a team ready to fill this gap and progressively help clients to face the challenge autonomously. We leverage the knowledge of 5 differente sciences to help companies filling the gap.

Science of (Big) Data

New incumbents decision are no longer based on their management opinion but on a set of factual data showing meaningful patterns derived from almost the full universe analyzed. We collect, analyze and presentinformation so that business can not only understand it but is also enabled to generate new ideas and operationally drive decisions.

We process the vast amount of data that is collected every (day from a moltitude of sources, users and services and is used to design complex advanced and predictive analytics models and accelerate the execution of business needs.

We analyse logs and security events, sustained with external services and information so as to identify the real cyber risks affecting a specific organization, and to facilitate the definition of an effective cyber security strategy tailored on the analysis performed.

  • Data Mining
  • Structured Prediction and Data Governance
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Advanced Analytics and Results Validation
  • Cyber Risk analysis and Intellgence

Science of Ideas

Innovation is latent in every company and available to be outsourced. We use specific tools and methodologies to make disruptive ideas emerge, arrive inside the company and generate value.

Our sources are activated via generative and collaborative methodologies or via unique formulas to bring the startup capitals of ideas inside the company.

  • Idea Generation, Selection and Evaluation
  • Innovation Management
  • Open Innovation Tools and Processes
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Acceleration in a Box

Science of Design

People want to live amazing experiences. With the goal of continuously provide the best UX, we design products, services, systems and processes that ensure optimal use of latest technology, market leadership and a new level of engagement. We help firms innovate their service models and their entire supply chain according to a Customer Experience point of view; we use a design and creativity driven approach to burst the digital evolution within the companies. We help companies handle the complexity of the technological scenario, picking among the emerging trends those that can boost their business.

  • Product and Service Creation, Concepting and Prototyping
  • Corporate and Design Thinking
  • Solution Design & Identification
  • Experience Strategy
  • Technology Envisioning
  • Process Journey and Model Innovation

Science of Transformation

Life is a continuous change. We change both organisations and humans not neglecting but augmenting them. We conceive and set a strategy to envision the change and set the conditions to make it happen smoothly. We use our expertise to create the organizational context that can generate and nurture a culture of continuous change. We adort and customize the approach to help companies improve their actual business models in an exponential way or to create new exponential, platform oriented, business operating models. Cyber attacks leverage on both humans and technical vulnerabilities: we use our expoertise to integrate all the cybersecurity process inside the transformation strategy to ensure an effective and proactive protection.

  • Digital Collaboration
  • Contextual & Digital Learning
  • Digital Enablement of Workplace
  • Digital Transformation
  • Agile Transformation
  • Digital Science
  • Exponential Organization and Platfirm Canvas
  • Cyber Security by Design

Science of Making

Our ideas and solutions always become real in front of the client. Our clients can test, play with, and change what we propose through the use of prototypes, user labs... We help our clients finalize and execute their projects, making sure the delivery remained consistent with the business goals and oriented to measurable and significant achievements. We use our skills, methods, and techniques to implement ground-breaking solutions to make corporations evolve. We use our expertise to implement a robust cyber security framework based on managed security sources aligned to the speed required by the exponential digital revolution and to unlock all the innovative services from any privacy or security concern.

  • Lean and Agile Development
  • Technology Processes, System Enhancement and Robot-Automation
  • WFM and Mobile Solutions
  • Social Media Management (Manual + Bots)
  • Content Management
  • Technology Implementation
  • Up to Speed Cyber Security Solutions

How the partners take part in the process